Artificial Intelligence Robot

AI your business and get it to talk to you via Whatsapp

PractiPOS Point of Sale (POS)

Tablet based, easy to use, agile and smart Point of Sale.

Akane will be your Business Partner

Introducing Akane, our proprietary AI robot that tells how your business is doing on real time… via whatsapp.

Sales Alert

Act on-time and never miss a sales target: Akane will tell when the sales are in a worrisome level while you still have time to correct the course.

Forecast Sales

Akane will forecast your sales and will work with you to achieve sales growth.

What’s important for you is important for Akane

Customize the alerts you want to receive and the time you want to receive them.

Get your peace of mind On the Go and On Demand

Ask anything you need (business related) to Akane and she will find the best answer for you.

State of art Tablet Point of Sale (Works on Ipad iOS and Android)

Use it on your computer, tablet or Ipad, it will synchronize on the cloud.

Works offline

Internet may leave but your customers won’t. Keep on selling with PractiPOS and sync data when the connections returns.

Fast set up. Faster team training.

PractiPOS is easy, intuitive and natural. You can set it up get your staff trained in minutes.

Payment processing

Credit card or cash? We’ll set you up for both scenarios.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers with easy and intelligent customer profiling.

Visualize Performance

Beautiful and simple reports will let you know the most important thing: how is your business doing.

Running more than one store?

We got you covered, with PractiPOS you’ll have full control with integrated data from all your stores.

Smart inventory management

Bulk upload your products and monitor the items sold.

Integrate all your business tools to PractiPOS

We’ve developed comprehensive set of APIs for you to hook in any tool you are using.

Hey, let’s meet.

We want to know you and your personal needs. If you are in the Miami area we can go to your business and discuss your needs. No hassle. No strings attached.